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An 18 year veteran of software industry... wait where was I? Oh yeah, what's that you want to build? Yeah no problem, just get out of my way and I'll get it done. What's that?... You want to change something, or you think that's a good idea? Yeah NO. You're welcome.

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An open source mobile app and infrastructure to help the State of Nevada battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quilted Health

Provided a full suite of services ranging from project management and planning, 3rd party integration, HIPPA compliance, to backend infrastruture and front-end development.


Designed and developed a bespoke virual voire dire platform to aid local goverment's juidcial services while also helping to increase the diversity and response rates of summoned individuals.

Vintage Brand

Developed from inception to public launch to provide a fast, reliable, and scalable e-commerce platform which provides reprints of vintage memorabilia across an ever increasing range of products.

Student Loan Calculator

A non profit project working with TISLA to help those with student loans find the best repayment options.

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